What is Process Tailoring?

process tailoring - What is Process Tailoring?

Going through everything that there is to study for the PMP exam, one may ask a basic question,

Do all the processes apply to all the projects all the time?

The answer is a NO!

process tailoring 1 - What is Process Tailoring?

Projects are undertaken to create a unique product, service or result which in turn means that every project is unique. This is where process tailoring steps in.

Process tailoring justifies the fact that the project management processes are not “one size fits all”. Every project will have its own process needs and based on that the project team needs to come up with adjustments to the processes which could include adding, removing or revising them.

Process tailoring could be a result of organization’s experience, environment, industry being catered to or the kind of project being delivered. The project manager cannot follow a methodology blindly and should be able to assess the project to determine what processes require tailoring for project success.

The most important aspect of process tailoring is documentation as it is not the standard that we are dealing with here. The documentation will provide as a base for the project team to refer to during the course of project and even act as an important organizational process asset for future projects.

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  1. Hi Team,

    This is site simply awesome to get a basic knowledge on PMP concepts .

    However if we go with process tailoring concept ,could you please elaborate the concept.

    Mainly for below queries.

    What is Tailoring?
    Where exactly it is used?
    How it is useful?

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