What is Tight Matrix?

tight matrix - What is Tight Matrix?

In a previous article, we have already studied the different types of organization structure. Based on that, try to answer the question below,

Q: A form of project organization where power is evenly shared between the functional manager and the project manager is called,
A. A tight matrix
B. A weak matrix
C. A balanced matrix
D. A strong matrix

The correct answer is option C because we all know the power is equally shared between the functional manager and the project manager in balanced matrix. But before we reach option C we have option A that says “Tight Matrix”

What exactly is a Tight Matrix? We have definitely not read about that in the organization structures article.

The reason to that is simple,

Tight Matrix has nothing to do with organizational structures

war room tight matrix meeting - What is Tight Matrix?

It can be best described as a co-located team. For instance, in a war room scenario where the entire project team sits at the same place to solve a certain issue, that right there is co-location also known as tight matrix

So although the option A in the above question looks like a seemingly related choice, its presence is only to confuse the aspirant!

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