Aspects of Effective Communication

aspects of effective communication nonverbal communication paralingual communication feedback active listening - Aspects of Effective Communication

Understanding the Methods and Types of communication is just the beginning. Communication is actually much more than writing and speaking. Actually, your gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice have a big role to play in putting across your message. Effective Communication takes all of this into account.

There are three important aspects of Effective Communication

1. Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is exactly what it sounds like – communicating without speaking. When you make use of your gestures, facial expressions and even physical appearance while communicating your message you are making use of nonverbal communication. Would you trust a shabbily dressed surgeon if they were to operate you? You might not realize but when you are communicating you are actually doing more nonverbal communication than verbal

2. Paralingual Communication

Paralingual Communication is all about the tone and pitch of your voice when you are communicating. If you sound upset while communicating a really good news, the audience is bound to be confused. If you observe carefully you use paralingual communication all the time

3. Feedback

Responding is basically another word for feedback. But feedback might actually go deeper than that. Asking questions to better understand what was told to you is also feedback. Feedback is actually the best way to let people know that you are listening to them. When you give a lot of feedback to someone who is speaking, you are actively listening. Active listening is basically taking into consideration everything that the speaker says and does and also asking question when you don’t understand. Active listening is thus an important part of effective communication

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