Can a Mechanical Engineer get into the IT Industry after PMP Certification?

mechanical engineering to information technology after pmp - Can a Mechanical Engineer get into the IT Industry after PMP Certification?

In this Lounge Access video, Shoaib addresses a question about transitioning from a mechanical engineering background to the IT sector after acquiring PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Shoaib assures that such a shift is definitely possible, highlighting that while IT itself is an industry, IT departments are prevalent in nearly every company.

Using examples like Boeing, Shoaib explains that large mechanical industry-based companies often have dedicated IT departments. He suggests that within these companies, individuals can express their interest in transitioning to the IT department, making it a more convenient option, especially if they lack a background in IT.

Shoaib emphasizes that certifications like PMP or CAPM are not industry-specific but are widely recognized and held by professionals across various sectors. While these certifications are popular within IT, they are not exclusive to it. However, Shoaib notes that when applying to dedicated IT companies having a non-IT background and experience might pose challenges. He advises considering options within the current organization to gradually shift into IT-related roles.

Throughout the video, Shoaib provides valuable insights into the flexibility of certifications and offers practical advice for individuals seeking career transitions, especially those with non-IT backgrounds aspiring to enter the IT sector.

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