Decision Making – Tools and Techniques of Acquire Resources

decision making tools and techniques of acquire process 1 - Decision Making - Tools and Techniques of Acquire Resources

One of the most important tools and techniques of the Acquire Resources process is decision making. Chances are that you might have already read about Decision Making as part of the Collect Requirements process but that was Group Decision Making techniques.

In deciding what resources to acquire, multicriteria decision analysis tool is used to rate potential resources. The criteria and the value of rating can vary for different resources.

Examples of selection criteria for resources (both team and physical resources),

1. Cost

When you are acquiring resources, chances are you already have a fair understanding of the project budget. The resource cost must not exceed the project budget

2. Availability

A resource being ‘fairly’ available is not enough. Is the resource available at the specific time when you need it? That is most important

3. Ability

While discussing Acquire Resources process, we have already discussed how having resources that do not have the capability may impact the project’s probability of success. A verification of resource capability is thus very important

Some selection criteria that apply only to team resources,

4. Experience

Experience, although not the only criteria, is an important one nonetheless. Having an experienced resource can significantly help in guiding the team in the right direction

5. Knowledge

Knowledge need not be tied to the subject matter or domain of the project, a resource with good knowledge of the customer can be an asset to the project team too

6. International Factors

Having a team member who is situated in a completely non-compatible timezone or with very limited communication skills will do good for no one

7. Skills and Attitude

Now skills may have nothing to do with attitude but having just one of these isn’t enough. The team resource must not only possess the relevant skill set but should also be willing to work with others as a cohesive team

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