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pmp experience dhaval vyas - PMP Experience - Dhaval Vyas
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In this article, we are featuring the PMP experience of one of our PMC Lounge community members – Dhaval Vyas

Hi All,

This is Dhaval Vyas. I have recently acquired PMP credential in 1st attempt, where I have scored above target in 3 out of 5 process group. Let me clarify that PMP is not sprint, it’s a marathon. It is not only going to test your knowledge but it will test how you apply your knowledge while handling situation. 200 questions in 4 hours will test one is able to deal with stress or pressure.

Few of my recommendations, while preparing for PMP.

After attended training i have followed below noted schedule.

1: Be Member of PMI & download PMBOK.
2: Spare minimum 60 minutes daily reading rita mulcahy or similar kind of reference book .
3: During lunch break listen free YouTube video of pmclounge or similar kind of reference.
4: Once you complete rita mulcahy, read it again along with PMBOK.
5: Attempt free test paper & check how much you are scoring, don’t worry if you score 60%, I was scoring 55% only, but one should check what mistake he/she is doing.
6: Be relax & re-read only those area where you are scoring low.
7: Math questions must be tried & try to complete it in 2 minutes only, You can do it of you have practice it otherwise it will consume lot of time during examination & it may lead that you might not attempt all 200 questions.
8:ITTO, everyone try to memorized it. My personal opinion one should not do it. As they are too many & for me memorizing is next to impossible. Understand them, it it easy to understand & then you can apply your understanding in difficult question.
9:Try to sit & complete 200 question with one break only. (most difficult)

Day before PMP exam:

1: Chill & listen good music.
2: Just check highlighted points & formula.
3: Sleep early.
4: Don’t kill your moral if you have not score high in test. Be positive & keep smile on face. It works.

Good Luck.

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