Estimate Activity Durations Process

estimate activity durations

Hope you remember the Estimate Activity Resources process. The reason for recalling it is simple. Most of the outputs of that process are the inputs of this one! But before we go there, let’s take a look at where we are in the PG KA mapping,

estimate activity durations process in pg ka mapping - Estimate Activity Durations Process

In general terms, all that you do in this process is check out all the activities in the activity list, consider the resource estimates and then estimate how long it would take to complete an activity. Now an important question could be how do you actually do the estimate and come up with numbers? This is where the Tools and Techniques of the Estimate Activity Durations come handy.

Tools and Techniques of Estimate Activity Durations Process

Activity Duration Estimates

Once you are done with this process, the main output is how long each activity would take also known as Activity Duration Estimates. Now the activity duration estimates can be in terms of hours, days or weeks. Also, you don’t have to know in exact numbers how long an activity will take, it is acceptable to have a range like – coding will take 4 weeks +/- 3 days.

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