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Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Resources used to be a part of the Schedule Management Knowledge Area but with PMBOK 6 it has moved to the Resource Management Knowledge Area.

estimate activity resources process in pg ka mapping - Estimate Activity Resources Process | Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) | Resource Calendars

As the name implies, this process is all about estimating the resources used in the project. You might have guessed by now that this process would require several inputs. But if you have come this far into the study of Project Management, you already know all the inputs for this process except Resource Calendars.

Resource Calendars

While knowing all the resources required for the successful project is important, it is much more important to know their availability. Resource Calendars contain the information about resource availability. Do note that resources like consultants, testing environments, training rooms aren’t readily available and need to be scheduled in advance

Tools and Techniques of Estimate Activity Resources Process

  1. Expert Judgment – Already discussed here
  2. Alternative Analysis – This is all about considering different options of assigning resources both in terms of number of resources and number of hours required
  3. Published Estimating Data – Reports, articles, journals, books and other resources are readily available with estimating data from expert project managers
  4. Project Management Software – Microsoft Project, for example
  5. Bottom-up Estimating – This is a simple process of breaking a complex activity into simpler pieces of activities and then using each piece for estimation. The sum of all parts shall produce the estimation for the entire complex activity

Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)

Of all the outputs of this process, the most important one is a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS). The RBS is basically a hierarchical model used to identify, list, and break down the resources used in facilitating and completing a project. The RBS includes, at a minimum, the personnel resources needed for successful completion of a project, and preferably contains all resources on which project funds will be spent, including personnel, tools, machinery, materials, equipment and fees and licenses. Do note that money is not considered a resource in the RBS, only those resources that will cost money are included

resource breakdown structure example - Estimate Activity Resources Process | Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) | Resource Calendars
Example of Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this informative post about the Estimate Activity Resources process and the importance of having a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) and Resource Calendars in project management. I completely agree that accurate estimation of resources is crucial to the success of any project, and having well-defined RBS and resource calendars can greatly help in achieving that. In my experience, the RBS provides a clear and structured way to break down the project into manageable components and identify the resources needed for each of them. It helps in avoiding duplication of efforts and ensures that resources are utilized optimally throughout the project. Additionally, resource calendars provide a centralized view of resource availability, enabling project managers to schedule activities effectively and avoid resource conflicts.

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