Manage Stakeholder Engagement

manage stakeholder engagement process - Manage Stakeholder Engagement

The Manage Stakeholder Engagement process is the only process under the Executing Process Group. PG-KA mapping below,

manage stakeholder engagement process in stakeholder management knowledge area pg ka mapping - Manage Stakeholder Engagement

The inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of this process aren’t something that you don’t already know of, so lets focus on understanding this process.

Manage Stakeholder Engagement is all about communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their
needs and expectations, address issues and nurture involvement. This process allows the project manager to increase support and minimize resistance from stakeholders.

It is also a common understanding that this process is all about ensuring that misunderstandings don’t develop between stakeholders as the project progresses. Obviously, this means that this process is performed throughout the project.

Some of the things that you would do to ensure misunderstandings don’t develop are,

  1. Make sure stakeholders are taking part in project decision making
  2. Understand the reasons if a stakeholder is resistant and negotiate accordingly
  3. Take suggestions from all stakeholders for consideration even those that are resistant

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