Plan Quality Management Tools

plan quality management tools

There are several tools and techniques that are used in the Plan Quality Management process. By the way if you are wondering where is this process, it comes under the Planning Process Group. We have already covered this previously.

plan quality management process pg ka mapping - Plan Quality Management Tools

Cost Benefit Analysis

This tool is about looking at how much your quality activities will cost versus how much you will gain from doing them. Cost implies the effort and resources it would take. Benefits can be less rework, higher productivity and efficiency and more satisfaction from both the team as well as the customer


We have covered Benchmarking earlier. Its basically about taking the industry’s best as a reference point. More precisely, Benchmarking is often the comparison of the processes and practices of your organization with the best

Design of Experiments

Often referred to as DOE, this tool is about applying the scientific method to create a set of tests for the project’s deliverables. In a software project, this is basically the test planning activity. A list of tests can be produced that would run on deliverables

Cost of Quality

Quality comes at a cost. Cost of Quality is the cost incurred over the life of the product. It includes both conformance and non-conformance costs. Check out the detailed article here

Statistical Sampling

Statistical sampling is about analyzing a sample for decision making. For example, in a factory that produces 10,000 items a day, a predetermined sample size can be tested for quality activities and preventing defects

Test Planning

Test planning is a statistical method. What that means is that the quality teams basically use statistics to analyze the test results and determine how best the deliverables are meeting the requirements. To use this technique, the quality teams come up with a list of tests or test cases that they run on the deliverables. This produces the data that they can analyze later. An example could be the website loading time. Once you develop a module of the website, let’s say, a payment module, you can test the loading time of the module on different internet speeds and browsers.

Seven Basic Quality Tools

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