PMBOK 6 – When does the Exam Change & How?

pmbok 6 when does the exam change - PMBOK 6 - When does the Exam Change & How?

What all is changing with PMBOK 6? Below are all the important pointers –

– PMBOK 6 is already out and the PMP and CAPM exams will be based on this going forward

– PMP Exam change date – 26 March, 2018

– CAPM Exam change date – 21 May, 2018

– PMBOK 6 includes Agile approaches and how they integrate with traditional Project Management

– Two Knowledge Areas have been renamed,

  1. Human Resource Management is now known as Resource Management
  2. Time Management is now known as Schedule Management

– 3 new processes have been added and 1 process has been removed which results in a total of 49 processes (PMBOK 5 had 47 processes)

– Removed Process – Close Procurements (from Procurement Management Knowledge Area)

– New processes added

  1. Manage Project Knowledge (Integration Management Knowledge Area)
  2. Control Resources (Resource Management Knowledge Area)
  3. Implement Risk Responses (Risk Management Knowledge Area)

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