Change Request (CR) and Change Control Board (CCB)

change request and change control board - Change Request (CR) and Change Control Board (CCB)

We have already discussed the Perform Integrated Change Control process and concluded that changes are inevitable. No matter how great the project is planned, changes will always pop up, literally out of nowhere.

So how do we deal with changes?

Change Request (CR)

To start with, we create a formal document known as a Change Request or a CR. CR is basically a proposal to modify any approved document, deliverable or a plan. Getting this CR approved by the Change Control Board is actually a major part of the Perform Integrated Change Control Process.

Change control is how you deal with changes to your Project Management Plan

A change control system is the set of procedures that lets you make those changes in an organized way

Change Control Board (CCB)

A Change Control Board is formed by a group of people that review, approve or reject the changes of a project. CCB should ideally include the Project Sponsor amongst other key project stakeholders and higher management.

CRs are a part and parcel of Project Management. When you come across one, make sure the CR is evaluated, the alternate options are reviewed and finally it must be CCB approved before any action is taken on the ground.

At this point, it is also important to understand where do changes come from?

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