Procurement Manager | Centralized and Decentralized Contracting

procurement manager centralized and decentralized contracting - Procurement Manager | Centralized and Decentralized Contracting

If you think that the Project Manager alone is responsible for everything related to Procurement, you are wrong. This is where the Procurement Manager comes into the picture.

Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager is also sometimes referred to as a Contract Administrator or a Contract Manager. A Procurement Manager administers the contract and is the only person who has the authority to make any changes in the same.

It should be noted here that the Procurement Statement of Work (SOW) is also a part of the contract. This means any change in the Procurement SOW, in addition to going through the usual Change Management process, will also have to be approved by the Procurement Manager.

Centralized Contracting

If an organization follows Centralized Contracting, it will have one procurement department and a Procurement Manager may handle procurements of several projects.

Decentralized Contracting

If an organization follows Decentralized Contracting, it will assign a Procurement Manager to each project. The Procurement Manager will report directly to the Project Manager and help with project procurements.

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