Sequence Activities Process

sequence activities process of schedule management - Sequence Activities Process

The next process in the Schedule Management knowledge area that we shall cover is the Sequence Activities process. If you are wondering where does this fall in the PG-KA mapping, the picture below offers help,

sequence activities process in the pg ka mapping 1 - Sequence Activities Process

As it is quite evident from the name of the process, this is where you will be sequencing the project activities. But the main aim of this process is also to identify and document relationships among these project activities. Relationship here basically means Dependencies

Do you remember the outputs of the Define Activities process? – Activity Attributes, Activity List and Milestone List (Read more about these here)

These are actually major inputs of the Sequence Activities process. The reason is simple, they have information regarding dependencies especially Predecessor and Successor project activities. Using this information the Project Schedule’s Network Diagram is made.

So have you guessed it yet? Exactly! The Network Diagram is a major output of the the Sequence Activities process. But let’s not disregard other outputs. While creating the Network Diagram you may discover activities that you may have missed earlier and thus the inputs also get updated as outputs

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