Top 5 basics to know about Project Charter

top 5 basics to know about project charter - Top 5 basics to know about Project Charter

We have previously discussed Project Charter in detail so do read that article before proceeding with this one.

5 basics - Top 5 basics to know about Project Charter

Below are the top five basics you need to know about the Project Charter,

1. A Charter is not just related to a project but portfolios and programs can have charters too

2. Developing a project charter is one of the first few things that’s done on a project

3. Project Charter authorizes the project manager to do the work. This means without the PM name indicated in the project charter, she will not have the authority to tell the team what to do and when

4. The Project Manager may or may not be involved in developing the project charter. A Project Charter could simply be handed over to the PM by the sponsor (BTW – Sponsor is someone who is paying for the project!)

5. Project Charter is not a detailed document and shouldn’t require frequent updates as we proceed in the project

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