Why you should read PMBOK Guide BEFORE the 35 PDUs Class!

read pmbok before 35 pdu class - Why you should read PMBOK Guide BEFORE the 35 PDUs Class!

Embarking on the journey to become a PMP-certified professional? Shoaib, in this enlightening Lounge Access video, addresses crucial concerns for prospective PMP candidates. He delves into the time commitment required for the certification, particularly for individuals with a regular job and familial responsibilities. Stressing the need for a minimum of three years of work experience, Shoaib distinguishes PMP from other project management certifications, highlighting its rigorous and comprehensive nature.

Shoaib provides practical insights into the study timeline, recommending a two-month preparation period for optimal results. He acknowledges the diverse learning styles of individuals and suggests foundational reading from the PMBOK Guide and reference books, followed by a 5-day boot camp. This approach helps candidates comprehend complex project management concepts before immersing themselves in an intensive preparatory course.

Throughout the video, Shoaib offers valuable tips to gauge one’s readiness for the PMP exam, emphasizing the importance of dipping one’s toes into project management knowledge. This thoughtful guidance aims to make the PMP certification journey not only successful but also personally rewarding. If you’re contemplating PMP certification amidst a busy life, Shoaib’s pragmatic advice is a must-watch.

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