How to get a Project Manager Job with NO Relevant Experience?

project mgr role without experience - How to get a Project Manager Job with NO Relevant Experience?

In this Lounge Access video, Shoaib offers valuable advice for individuals aspiring to enter the field of project management. Shoaib highlights the misconception that project manager roles are typically attainable right out of college, emphasizing that it’s more of a mid-level position requiring some working knowledge of project management. He suggests that those interested in project management should demonstrate their understanding through relevant internships or entry-level positions like project management coordinator or analyst.

Shoaib stresses the importance of having a foundation in project management terminology and concepts, which can be gained through certification programs like CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). He recommends researching the requirements and content of the CAPM exam to gain a better understanding of project management fundamentals before pursuing a career in the field.

Overall, Shoaib advises viewers to carefully consider their interest and aptitude for project management before committing to certification or pursuing related job opportunities. He emphasizes the significance of being prepared to communicate effectively in the language of project management, both on the job and interviews.

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