3 Practical Project Management Tips from Toyota Production System

toyota in project mgmt - 3 Practical Project Management Tips from Toyota Production System

Guest Name – Ghia Yuson
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ghiayuson/

It is very likely that you’ve read about quality concepts emanating from Japan in your study of Project Management. In this podcast episode, Ghia, who recently visited Toyota facility in Japan, shares three practical tips from Toyota Production System (TPS) that can be incorporated in Project Management:

  1. Embrace continuous improvement by implementing regular review cycles and actively seeking team feedback for small, incremental enhancements in project management.
  2. Map the project flow, identify non-value-adding steps, and optimize for a smooth workflow to cut through noise and confusion, applying clarity from Toyota’s value stream to eliminate waste.
  3. Standardize project management by developing Standard Operating Procedures, creating checklists, and empowering teams with knowledge, anchoring efforts in shared best practices for improved outcomes and a proactive team.

In conclusion, the Toyota Production System (TPS) principles urges you to practice Project Management adopting a mindset of continuous improvement, value creation and waste reduction in project management.

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