The One Job Interview Mistake New Graduates Often Make

JOB INTERVIEW MISTAKE NEW GRADS MUST AVOID - The One Job Interview Mistake New Graduates Often Make

In this Lounge Access video, Shoaib offers valuable advice on whether to directly go for job interviews or to hone your skills before applying. Shoaib emphasizes that honing skills is a continuous process, akin to refining a resume that can always be improved. He suggests starting the job application process without overthinking the need for skill perfection.

Shoaib reassures that rejection is a natural part of the job search journey and shouldn’t be feared. He encourages individuals to view rejections as learning opportunities, helping them understand their weaknesses and refine their answers for future interviews. Shoaib advocates for treating job interviews as long-term goals and maintaining a record of interview experiences to identify areas for improvement.

Overall, Shoaib’s advice provides a refreshing perspective on embracing rejection and failures as essential steps towards personal and professional growth. He suggests that rejection doesn’t define them and encourages them to focus on continuous improvement rather than striving for perfection in the initial stages of the job search process.

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