Identify Stakeholders Process and Stakeholder Register

identify stakeholders stakeholder register - Identify Stakeholders Process and Stakeholder Register

Identifying stakeholders is one of the first things you would do on your project. So this is the first process in the stakeholder management knowledge area. This is also the second of the only two processes in the Initiating process group, the first one being Develop Project Charter. Below is the PG-KA mapping,

identify stakeholders process in the stakeholder management knowledge area pg ka mapping - Identify Stakeholders Process and Stakeholder Register

Since the process itself is about Identifying Stakeholders, what you get as a result is the list of Stakeholders which is also known as the Stakeholder Register.

Stakeholder Register

Stakeholder Register is the key output of the Identify Stakeholders process. It not only contains the names of the project stakeholders but also their goals, expectations, concerns and other such details. It should be noted that most projects succeed or fail based on how well the project manager knows and manages stakeholder expectations.

Let’s look at the elements of the Stakeholder Register,

  • Name and Role of the Stakeholder
  • Group or Department, stakeholders of similar group may have similar needs
  • Classification, you can classify the stakeholders as internal/external as well as their outlook towards the project like supporter/neutral/resistor
  • Responsibilities, could range from attending meetings to performing the actual work like coding or testing
  • Expectations, basically what the stakeholders believe would be the result of the project. This can also be seen as their requirements but certain texts differentiate expectations and requirements

Overall, the stakeholder register should be able to tell you what is the value that every individual stakeholder can gain out of the project

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