Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment – Project Management Principle 2

collaborative team environment - Create a Collaborative Project Team Environment - Project Management Principle 2

Project Management Principle 2 states,

Create a collaborative project team environment

Project teams are made up of individuals with diverse skills, knowledge and experience. They work in collaboration to accomplish a shared objective. Project teams do this more effectively and efficiently than individuals.

Within the organizational and professional cultures and guidelines, project teams often establish their own “local” culture. As a Project Manager, it is your responsibility that this local culture helps foster the professional relationship within the team.

Factors of creating a Collaborative Project Team Environment –

  1. Team Agreements – Set of behavioral parameters and working norms. These evolve over time as team works together and gets to know each other
  2. Organizational Structures – Project teams use, tailor and implement structures that help coordinate the individual efforts associated with project work
  3. Processes – Processes are defined to enable completion of tasks and work assignments

Clarity on roles and responsibilities can significantly help to improve team cultures. Some points to consider are,

  1. Authority – Should be conferred from one entity to another explicitly or implicitly. Authority can include taking decisions on applying project resources or give approvals
  2. Accountability – Being answerable for an outcome. Accountability cannot be shared
  3. Responsibility – Being obligated to do or fulfill something. Responsibility can be shared

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