#1 Agile Superpower – Collaborative Teamwork (And how to master it)

master agile team work johanna rothman - #1 Agile Superpower - Collaborative Teamwork (And how to master it)

Guest Name – Johanna Rothman
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/johannarothman/

In this podcast episode, our guest Johanna Rothman discusses the power of collaboration within Agile teams for faster value creation and delivery. She highlights collaboration as a superpower, distinguishing it from mere cooperation or solo work. She emphasizes that collaboration involves team members working together on one item at a time, keeping work in progress (WIP) low and increasing throughput.

Johanna explores various collaboration options such as pairing, triads, and subsets of the team, illustrating how they can enhance productivity and facilitate continual code review and testing. She discusses how pairs and triads function effectively, and suggests extending these concepts to subsets of the team when not everyone can directly collaborate.

Additionally, the concept of swarming is explained, where the entire team focuses on one item from the backlog, working together according to their specialties to complete it efficiently. Johanna stresses the importance of regular communication and adaptation during swarming to ensure success. Furthermore, we also talk about the idea of mob or ensemble product development, where the entire team collaborates simultaneously on one item, rotating roles to keep everyone engaged.

In conclusion, the podcast stresses how collaboration is a fundamental Agile superpower, enabling teams to learn faster and achieve their goals more effectively.

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