Top 5 PMP Mock Exam Resources

top 5 mock pmp resources - Top 5 PMP Mock Exam Resources

This might be a surprise but many PMP mock exams we see on the Internet are designed to make sure the aspirant scores less or even fail!

Why, one may ask. The reason is simple. These mock tests are by REPs who want people to join their PDU training program and if someone scores less (s)he is most likely to join.

Now that we have the math clear about the mock tests, lets take a look at the globally accepted some of the best resources for practicing PMP exam which are free from the above equation,

1. Headfirst ( – You may have heard about the Headfirst book. A mock exam is available in the book itself. Difficulty level is considered easier than actual PMP

2. Oliver Lehmann ( – Probably the best set of 175 PMP questions you will find on the internet. Difficulty level is considered at par with actual PMP

3. PM study ( – There is one free test available on the website. The difficulty level is considered at par with actual PMP

4. Edwel ( – There are two free mock exams available on the Edwel website. Difficult level of both is considered pretty close with the actual PMP

The above 4 will provide good enough practice and the ability to gauge if an aspirant can clear the actual exam. Consistent scores of 75%+ is a good benchmark. However, below is an app if you need something extra,

5. DIG IT ( – They have really good PMP mock exam app. Available for all mobile platforms, the app is good for answering questions whenever you have some free time between the study breaks

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