PMP Experience – Raj Shekhar Bidika

raj shekhar bidika pmp experience - PMP Experience - Raj Shekhar Bidika
raj shekhar bidika pmp experience - PMP Experience - Raj Shekhar Bidika

We recently featured the PMP experience of a member that cleared the exam in the second attempt, check it out here. In this write up, another PMC Lounge community member, Raj Shekhar Bidika, shares his PMP experience. Read on,

  1. I got interested in PMP by watching PMC Lounge YouTube Channel. Knew about PMP framework and basics from PMC Lounge as it was the only channel available on youtube.
  2. I took 35 hr PDU online training for four weeks. Simultaneously, I was studying PMBOK but it was very dry at beginning.
  3. After training completion, I switched to Rita Mulcahy & simultaneously watched PMC Lounge videos. Rita is a great book for understanding the concepts but I got to tell you only studying Rita is not enough as it is not updated completely as per PMBOK 6th edition.
  4. So, I again switched to PMBOK in 3rd month. After reading Rita & watching PMC Lounge videos, PMBOK is just like a cake walk.
  5. Last three weeks, I gave three mock tests. Identified gaps and worked on it.
  6. It is very important to focus on Initiating, Closing and Executing process groups as they constitute 51% with only 11 processes. I was fortunate to know this earlier.
  7. Exam was very challenging. 95% of questions were situation based.
  8. It was 2 hours and I completed only 80 questions. But somehow I kept myself cool.
  9. The trick of marking questions and attempting later helped me. Also Highlight and strike out options helped a lot to find the answers.
  10. Finally I made it out because I kept my cool and answered logically even when I was running out of time.

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