Quality Management – Practice Questions

quality management practice questions - Quality Management - Practice Questions

Q1: Which of the following is an example of Cost of Conformance?
A. Warranty Cost
B. Scrap
C. Quality training
D. Cost of rework

Q2: As a Project Manager on a construction project, you are encountering numerous issues on the project. Now you want to identify the root causes of all the issues so that you can focus on them. Which of the following tools should be used?
A. Fishbone Diagram
B. Control Chart
C. Pareto Chart
D. Histogram

Q3: The management wants to make sure that a project is following the defined quality standards. Of the following, what would they use?
A. Risk Management Plan
B. Statement of Work
C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
D. Quality Audit

Q4: As a Project Manager, you are ensuring that quality standards are followed on the project. In which process are these quality standards identified?
A. Develop Project Charter
B. Collect Requirements
C. Plan Quality Management
D. Manage Quality

Q5: As a Project Manager on a software development project, what would you give the highest priority – Quality, Cost, Schedule or Scope?
A. Cost, Schedule and Scope as they are the triple constraints
B. Quality is the most important aspect of project management, others can come later
C. It is all about the money, honey! Cost is the key
D. It would depend on the prevailing circumstances of the project

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Q1: C. Quality Training
Q2: A. Fishbone Diagram
Q3: D. Quality Audit
Q4: C. Plan Quality Management
Q5: D. It would depend on the prevailing circumstances of the project

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