Verified Deliverables and Validated Changes

verified deliverables and validated changes output of control quality process - Verified Deliverables and Validated Changes
plan quality management process pg ka mapping 1 - Verified Deliverables and Validated Changes

Two important outputs of the Control Quality process are Verified Deliverables and Validated changes. And after going through this article you will understand why we cover them together.

As soon as a Deliverable of the project is ready, the project team inspects it to find any defects. Note that this inspection is carried out and measured on the basis of your project’s defined quality standards. If any defects are found, they need to be fixed. This entire process generates Verified Deliverables.

We talked about how the defects found need to be fixed. Once the defects are repaired, you would need to perform an inspection again to ensure that the defects are not present anymore. This process of validating the fixes is known as Validating Changes.

These two concepts are not to be confused with Validated Deliverables or Validate Scope. These two articles will help keep these similar sounding concepts in perspective,

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