Schedule Management – Practice Questions


Q1: You are the Project Manager on a construction project. You have worked with your team to define the dependencies and estimated their durations and resource requirements. Now you are creating the project schedule. Which of the following tools and techniques is of no use at this time?
A. Resource leveling
B. Schedule Compression
C. Critical Chain Method
D. Reserve Analysis

Q2: The customer is looking for the project to be complete 10 days earlier than planned due to marketing constraints. You work with your project team and figure out that this can be achieved if a couple of activities can overlap. This approach is known as?
A. Fast Tracking
B. Crashing
C. Resource Leveling
D. Concurrent Engineering

Q3: Your project team is working on the network diagram to calculate the float. Which of the following is the formula they should be using,
A. Late Finish – Late Start or Early Finish – Early Start
B. Late Start – Late Finish
C. Early Start – Early Finish
D. Late Finish – Early Finish or Late Start – Early Start

Q4: You are the Project Manager of a flyover construction project. While planning you realized that you would need approval from Indian Railways for construction on a certain part of land owned by the railways. These kind of dependencies that originate outside the project are known as?
A. Mandatory Dependency
B. Internal Dependency
C. Discretionary Dependency
D. External Dependency

Q5: You are the project manager for a software project. You have worked with the team to create the project schedule, perform critical path analysis and calculated the values of Early and Late Start, Early and Late Finish as well as Float. Which activities in the project cannot slip without making the project late?
A. Activities with biggest difference between ES and LF
B. The activity with most lag
C. All the activities on the critical path
D. Every activity that slips delays the project

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Q1: D. Reserve Analysis
Q2: A. Fast Tracking
Q3: D. Late Finish – Early Finish or Late Start – Early Start
Q4: D. External Dependency
Q5: C. All the activities on the critical path

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